What is a Business Loan EMI Calculator?

Secure swift and transparent collateral-free business loans, Our VFC Loans process is designed for speed, equity, and clarity. Businesses, regardless of their size, often require financial assistance, and a business loan provides an unsecured credit option to meet these needs. Whether you're looking to expand your business, increase production, establish an online presence, purchase inventory, or acquire new equipment, a business loan can offer the necessary funds. With the ability to secure up to Rs. 75 lakhs, applying for this loan is made simple and convenient through an online application process, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork and physical visits. Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose a repayment schedule that suits your financial situation, making it a versatile financial solution for businesses.


Benefits of VFC Business Loan:

1.Customized Loan Amount

With Tata Capital, you can get business finance of Rs. 0.40 lakh to Rs. 75 lakhs. You can choose your business loan amount as per your precise requirements.

2.Flexible Loan Tenure

Choose your business loan tenure as per your repayment capability. You can select your loan tenure between 12 months to 60 months. 

3. Term Loan or OD

We offer various business funding options for its customers. You can either apply for a term loan, wherein you’re required to pay fixed EMI for the entire loan tenure, or a Dropline Overdraft Facility, where you would have to repay only the amount used by you, along with interest.

4.Minimum Documentation

We approve business finance with minimal documentation. We ask only for a handful of documents to approve business loan applications. You can avail of an online business loan and simply upload the required documents on our website.

5.Quick Approval and Fast Disbursal

We provide fast approvals for business loan applications. You can apply for a business loan and get the finances in your bank account with minimum delay. We ensure a swift disbursal process.

6.No Collateral Required

Another reason to apply for a business loan with us is that you’re not required to pledge any collateral for it. You can easily avail of business finance without putting your personal or professional assets on the line.

What are the documents required for a business loan?

  1. Loan Application Form: This is the basic application form provided by the lender, which you need to fill out with your personal and business details.

  2. Business Plan: A detailed business plan outlining your business goals, operations, financial projections, and how you intend to use the loan.

  3. Proof of Identity: Typically, this includes a copy of your Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID, or any other government-issued identification.

  4. Proof of Address: Documents like a recent utility bill, ration card, or rental agreement to confirm your residential address.

  5. Business Ownership Documents: Depending on your business structure, this could include partnership deeds, Memorandum and Articles of Association, or sole proprietorship declaration.

  6. Financial Statements: These may include balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements for your business over the past few years. The lender may also want to see your business's tax returns.

  7. Bank Statements: Copies of your business bank account statements to assess your financial health and cash flow.

  8. Income Tax Returns: Your personal and business income tax returns for the past few years.

  9. GST Registration Certificate: If your business is registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST), you'll need to provide this certificate.

  10. Proof of Business Existence: Documents showing the existence of your business, such as registration certificates, licenses, or permits.

  11. Collateral Documents: If you're applying for a secured business loan, you'll need to provide documents related to the collateral you're offering, such as property papers.

  12. Legal Documents: Any legal agreements or contracts that your business is involved in, like lease agreements, partnership agreements, or contracts with suppliers or customers.

  13. Credit Score Report: A report that reflects your personal and/or business credit history. Some lenders may request this.

    Business Loan It's essential to note that the specific documents required may vary from one lender to another and can depend on your business's size, nature, and the amount of the loan you're applying for. Always check with the lender you're working with to get a detailed list of the documents required for your particular business loan application.


Why choose us

Quick and Easy , Our application process is fast and hassle-free, so you can get the funds you need when you need them.

  • Easy Documentation
  • Speedy Loan Processing
  • Reasonable Interest Rate
  • Instant Sanction and Disbursal

Will a Business Loan affect my credit score?

It's important to note that business loans can impact both your personal credit score and, in some cases, your business credit score. It's a good practice to separate personal and business finances when possible, and many lenders consider both personal and business credit when evaluating a business loan application.

Do I need to have a business account to get a Business Loan?

You don't always need to have a separate business account to get a business loan, but having one can be beneficial in several ways.

What are the qualifying criteria for Business Loan approval?

Creditworthiness: Lenders assess your personal and business credit scores to gauge your financial responsibility. Business Viability: The length of time your business has been operating, its revenue, and cash flow are considered to ensure it can repay the loan. Collateral and Financials: Collateral, if required, and detailed financial statements may be needed to secure the loan. Purpose and Plan: A clear business plan outlining how the loan will be used and your ability to manage the debt is essential, especially for startups or expansion.

How can I know the EMI for my loan?

The EMI is calculated using the simple formula: E=P×r×(1+r)×n(1+r)×(n-1) Where,‘E’ is the EMI ‘P’ represents the loan amount availed ‘r’ represents the monthly interest rate ‘n’ is the duration of the loan